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SDB Proposed Budget 2015-2016

A look at the BudgetThe Senior District Board held their budget review meeting as part of their regular June meeting. This “tax board” is the worst joke for a competent board to handle Platte County Taxpayer money.   They hired an accountant after Loretta McGuire resigned as treasure because of their strong bias to the Services For Seniors Inc.(A private non-profit company–Not part of the County)

At the June meeting, they couldn’t understand the financial report given to them by the accountant, Dana Cole Inc who they hired from out of county.  More than one member of the board stated they couldn’t understand this….so I am guessing they don’t spend any time preparing for their meetings. They don’t understand basic finances, and they don’t do their own calculations.

When a financial board can’t understand the numbers they are dealing with what hope do we have of making sure they are spending our tax money in a fiscally responsible way.  That is their job, why the people elected them or they were appointed to this board ….well when they passed out the budget for the next year all hope that they could or would act in a fiscally responsible way went out the window.

I have included the budget below. Please be sure to look at the 1 minute recalculations done by a member of the public trying to correct their numbers.  I also have included the numbers as they are listed with the right totals.   All of last year at the meetings the board heard from members of the public, and members of the SFS (Services for Seniors Inc.) board concerned because if every dollar was spent in 2014-2015 it would dip into the residual money held by the board for about $10-$20,000….well wow they will be dipping into the residual funds by over $350,000.00 in 2015-2016  this is huge they will be cutting the residual budget in half for just the SFS as they voted to not fund the Platte County Senior Outreach.

So the bottom line is  500+ seniors that have used services from Platte County Senior Outreach Center are hung out to dry and the Senior District board and Services for Seniors Inc. are spending $397.670.00 more this year than last. Which will have them dipping into the residuals at an alarming rate.

If the mil levy does not pass in 2017 this will be a very serious problem for the seniors of Platte County. It seems this board does not care one bit about the seniors of this county, present or future. They are only worried about pleasing the administration of the SFS Inc. who seem to think that trips to Alaska, Deadwood, and Branson are activities that seniors on a fixed budget (as many of the seniors of this county are) can participate in.

What has the PC Seniors for Diversity so upset however is that they are planning to pass in this budget $100,000.oo to improve the front of the SFS building and $100,000.00 to buy another truck to deliver food, which they say will allow them to deliver food faster than the four volunteer cars can. Either one of these purchases for vanity are more than the $80,000.00  budget, that this board even refused to consider partially funding for the Platte County Senior Outreach Center Inc. 

So we are asking you to look at the numbers and decide what you think.  Please be sure to attend the meeting in July and voice your opinion on this proposed budget. (Which they couldn’t pass because they didn’t have the numbers anywhere close to added right.)

Click below for the budget the Platte County Senior District Board passed out at their June Meeting.  (They forgot page number 5 so not sure what it said…possibly something they didn’t really want us to know)…. Hover over the document with your mouse to go to the next page or print… toolbar on top.


This is the budget with the right addition and it is very scary. 

 The second page is the proposed budget numbers supplied to the Senior District board from the Platte County Senior Outreach that they refused to fund. They don’t care about the over 500 people this benefits. 




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